Peter Ostroske – Founder and CEO of OFI


In this edition of “Ask Fer”, I interviewed Peter Ostroske, founder and CEO of Ofi, an American who chose Latin America to start his business. Ofi is a company dedicated to providing corporate solutions to small, medium and large companies at LATAM.

The main issues we talked about during this talk.

  • The entrepreneurs in Latin America must start thinking globally and create businesses that can scale quickly.
  • There are many financing options for your business through risk capital and fund raising.
  • To access these risk capitals, you must have a solid work team and finding it is one the keys to the success of companies
  • Ofi’s mission is to make business in Latin America more competitive by helping them make better decisions. The political and economic environment in Mexico and Latin America should not be an obstacle for business, you simply have to learn to mitigate those risks.
  • Latin America is one of the most important markets in the world, so there are great opportunities for all. You businesses have to focus on their strengths and find a market for them.

To learn more about Ofi, visit his website: